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This Photo Says It All

Copy and Send to McMorris Rodgers


MAR 31

There are no words beyond this photo to describe how we should all feel—but if anyone needs to dive into any more details, for those with a subscription or free articles still available to read this month, I recommend the excellent series touching on every detail of America’s half century romance with assault weaponry published recently in the Washington Post. I am an M.D.—and I have been a student of military small arms for most of that half century—and I still learned a few things from the Post articles. None of that will matter, though, while Republicans sold out to the arms industry and hostage to right wing militia types still control Congress.

Keep to the high ground,


P.S. The only email I could find to which I could attach a photo and send to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ email is: . Unfortunately, that email goes to her campaign website. I cannot find a way to attach a photo to an electronic communication with her congressional website

P.P.S. I first encountered this photo in a Substack email from Joyce Vance’ Civil Discourse published on March 29th. Joyce Vance is a former U.S. Attorney whose column provides clear insight on legal issues. I recommend signing up.

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