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Where it all started...

The 5th District Bipartisan Committee was formed in 1994.


Rep. Tom Foley was eastern Washington's voice in Congress - and most importantly - he was also the Speaker of the House.


Tom was facing a well-funded campaign by George Nethercutt. The winds of change were blowing nationally, and local citizens of both parties saw what was at stake for our region.

A loss for Rep. Foley would mean the loss of an influential and respected Washington voice in our nation's capitol.


After his heartbreaking defeat, the committee disbanded...

Tom Foley bw.jpg
MTG Boebert - CMR bw.jpg

...and where
we are now.

Rep. Nethercutt's successor,

Cathy McMorris Rodgers,

has clutched onto her seat with an iron grip for nearly 20 years.

Far from the respect and dignity her predecessors commanded, she has been content to sit in the shadows - and cheer on her more radical colleagues.

And while she's been busy cashing checks from pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, and some of the biggest media conglomerates in the country,

eastern Washington has suffered.

So from the ashes, we have come back.

A coalition of Republicans and Democrats standing together to say,

"No more."


Our Mission

We believe that residents in Eastern Washington deserve better.

We know because we've had better.

CMR and her colleagues have ceased to govern.

They have stopped listening to their constituents, to science, and to reason.

They exist only to oppose and line their pockets.

We don't hate conservatives.

We need them to have a functioning two-party government.

But their party has been taken over by conmen and fear-peddlers

pretending to help.

It is our mission to help inform voters.

Voters who are exhausted from the lies. 

Voters who are tired of paying too much and making too little.

So that we can restore reason, respect, and dignity to our district

and to the House of Representatives.

Won't you join us?

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